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  Topura is a fastener manufacturing company, which has made many contributions in the development of a wide variety of industries, including the automotive industry, through creating and manufacturing high quality, high technology, screws and bolts. Products that we have developed are widely used for various purposes in our society. 

  To supply such high quality products, not only in Japan but also globally, we have been establishing affiliates overseas to service local markets. 


  Today, manufacturing business in Japan has become very competitive, due to customers' globalization, substantial improvement in the technical capabilities of advanced countries, and low-cost competition. Japanese manufacturers are being called into question over their existence. In this current business environment, Topura continues to value our 'customer first' mentality, work hard to satisfy people's needs, and continues to strive to 'become an essential fastener company to society'. We are fully determined to challenge and continue our efforts. We will always strive to make Topura 'an attractive company' to our customers, stakeholders, community, and our employees.


 We trust in, and greatly appreciate, your continued support and patronage.

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