Our Plant

Support System

Support System that enables smooth production

To provide smooth and stable production continuously, we are manufacturing original tools and developing original manufacturing know-how. In addition, we are also developing our own logistics system that enables us to deliver faster and with ease. Our belief is "Quality beyond the customers expectation" and high cost performance will be achieved by drastic streamlining and uncompromised support system.

Manufacturing Production Tools

We seek a logical and ideal methods. We produce and design our own tools; heading punches and rolling dies.
Our production method reduces lead time and cost.

A list of main equipment we own to produce our tools

    • Engine lathe, NC lathe
    • Milling machine Vertical type,
      Horizontal type
    • Machining centre
      (5axis-Vertical type, 3axis-Horizontal type)
    • Surface grinding machine
    • External cylindrical grinding machine
    • Electric discharge machine
    • Lapping machine
    • Lapping equipment
    • Centreless grinder

  • Shot blasting machine
  • Shop peening equipment
  • Press machine
  • Mirror finishing machine
  • Tool grinding machine
  • Profile projector
  • Contour measuring machine
  • Surface roughness measuring machine
  • Stereo microscope
  • Hardness testing machine

Logistics System

Due to our AS/RS (Automated Storage/Retrieval System) and individual logistics management system, we reduced lead time, and have the capability to handle a variety of products in smaller lots. We strive to improve logistics quality. photo

Manufacturing Technology

We have most advanced equipment that covers a various applications.
By using the equipment below, we are able to check functions for finished products, study and conduct testing for new products.

A list of main equipment for evaluation

    • Tensile Testing Machine
    • Fatigue Testing Machine
    • Charpy Impact Strength Testing Machine
    • Pressing Bend Testing Machine
    • Actual Tightening Torque/Clamp Force Testing Machine
    • Torque/Clamp Force Testing Machine
    • Drilling Testing Machine
    • Vibration Testing Machine
    • Looseness Testing Machine
    • Cryogenic Cycle Thermostat
    • Heat Cycle Testing Machine


A list of main measurement equipment

    • Scanning Electron Microscope
    • Roundness Measuring Machine
    • Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine
    • Micro Vickers hardness Testing Machine
    • Tool microscope
    • Rockwell hardness Testing Machine
    • Projector
    • Ultra-violet and Visible Spectrophotometric
    • Metallurgical Microscopes
    • Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
    • Surface Texture and Contour Measuring Machine
    • Emission Spectrophotometric Analyzer

A list of main corrosion measurement equipment

    • Salt Spray Testing Machine
    • Compound Corrosion Testing Machine
    • Corrosion Cycle Testing Machine (Dipping Type)

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