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About Our Name

Our name wasn't Topura from the beginning. When we were established in early 1950s, it was Toyo Plus Screw Co., Ltd. At that time, straight slot screws (minus screws) were commonly used in Japan. Topura Co., Ltd. was a pioneer in the manufacturing of plus recessed head screws and became the first manufactuere registered in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) for making plus recessed head screws.

To name our company, we took "plus" from the plus recessed head screw and added "Toyo" (means "Orient" in Japanese). We named our company "Toyo Plus Screw Co., Ltd.". Later, our customers began referring to us by our nickname "Topura" and this short nickname became famous. In 1974, as a memorial to our 24th anniversary, the official company name was changed to Topura Co., Ltd.

Our products are loved by many customers and used around the World. We strive for continous improvement and customer satisfaction. We appreicate the support and thank you in advance.
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