Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information

  In order to satisfy customers and provide high level products World Wide, we actively use information provided by our customers. It is our responsibility to protect information from risks such as disclosure or for any use other than the original intent not authorized by Topura or the provider of the information.

  In light of the importance of protecting the personal data, Topura has established the following privacy policy and ensure all of our employees including executives, temporary staff and part time employees follow the policy. In addition, we require our suppliers to follow the policy and oversee compliance of the policy.

  The personal information defined in our policy includes information we obtained from our business activity, customers and all individual data of our employees.

We established an organization which promotes the privacy policy. We have established a management representative to manage the personal information in an appropriate manner

We established rules and regulations about obtaining and use of personal information. We inform our employees of the rules and regulations, and each one of us manages to apply to this policy individually.

If it is necessary to provide personal information to suppliers, we only select suppliers who have security system for protecting personal information and even if we provide the information, we only provide the minimum.

We take appropriate and rational safety control measures to handle the personal information given to us, and prevent from leaking, loss and falsification.

We follow national laws and other regulations set forth in Japan to protect personal information

Our management representative is responsible and leads to ensure personal information is protected by educating and creating awareness to our employees.

In order to continuously improve the policy we review the personal information protection system and evaluate on a regular basis.
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